Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Management Can Make or Break a Grantwriter

Who among us has not pulled out their hair or cursed the day they were born in the event of a looming deadline? More than once, I'd have to say, if I was being completely honest. That's why time management is such a crucial aspect of good grant writing, and although it may be easier said than done, it's still important to try to implement for the sake of sanity and good proposal submissions.

First and foremost, establish realistic schedules going back from the deadline of the application to today. How long will it take to gather information, write each section, obtain signatures? Keep in mind that probably few other people in the organization are as committed as you in keeping to the schedule, and pad your timeline accordingly. Factor in vacations, holidays and emergencies. And most importantly, when seeking information from someone, give them the date by which they should respond to you. Never say "just send it to me when you have time".

Other proven strategies for better time management (I wrote these earlier for a colleague's newsletter):
• send reminders to those you need information from
• gather as much of the records and statistics as you can ahead of time
• keep all relevant people informed about upcoming deadlines
• send out daily or weekly to-do requests
• befriend every director’s secretary (they often have access to just the information you need and are willing to help out when they can)

Good luck! Hope you have a stress-free day!

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  1. This could not have been said any better. Thank you for the insight!