Below is a list of articles written on a variety of topics pertaining to the planning of grant proposals. New articles are uploaded frequently so please check back again soon. And please seek permission before reprinting.
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Strategic Planning:
Strategic Planning and the Grants Department
Why Grants Need to be Part of Your Fundraising Plan
Gaining Internal Support

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Partner
Collaborations Done Right
Measuring the Success of Your Partnership

Funder Relations:
Building Long Lasting Relationships with Funders Part 1 and 2 
Grantee-Grantor Relationships: A Research Study

The Grants Office:
Are You Ready to Apply for Grants?
The Great Debate: Operating versus Program Funding

Prospect Research:
Collecting Data for Grant Proposals
Prospect Research 101: How to Find the Perfect Match
Local Government Funding Sources
Myths About Government Grants