Friday, June 18, 2010

PND Reviews my Book

So we all know how important a good book review is, right? As a buyer - and borrower - of countless books over the years, I always rely on reviews by my peers and those I look up to in order to make my decisions. I never realized until now how equally important the review process is to authors (in case you're wondering, really really important!).

Since last November when my book Best Practices in Grant Seeking: Beyond the Proposal came out, I've been busily sending out complimentary copies to various reviewers... after all, a good review can sell more copies than my good looks alone. I've received several reviews, but finally the one I was waiting for (provided it was a good one, of course) by Philanthropy News Digest just got published here.

Please allow me to quote a few words:
Indeed, the most valuable parts of the book are the best-practice case studies and funder perspectives. The former include clear examples of proven techniques used by existing nonprofit organizations; the latter offer critical insights into the foundation review process, particularly with respect to some of the less obvious factors that can affect a funder's decision to accept or decline a proposal. Faruqi also includes helpful checklists at the end of each chapter that can be used to assess organizational or professional readiness for the grantseeking process.
Now I get lots of reviews of my book... my publisher is kind enough to pass on all of them including the ones that may not be complimentary. But there's a reason why I decided to blog about this particular review. PND is a highly respected publication, due to the fact that it is a daily news service of the Foundation Center (and we all know them very well, right?). The book review section "Off the Shelf" has reviewed some great selections and I am honored to be included in their review roster.

Enough horn-tooting... hope you all get a chance to read the book! I guarantee it will add some value to your professional life.

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